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Travailleur isolé


Une technologie qui se soucie : la vie avec intervention

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Prime Mobile R4
Personal GPS Tracking

PrimeMobile R4.png

Peace of Mind in the Palm of Your Hand.

The Prime Mobile R4 combines the value of GPS technology, 2-Way Hands Free cellular voice, and an integrated SOS button, all in one easy to use package. R4 represents "Report. Respond. Rescue. Resolve.

With the push of the SOS Button, it can connect you to family members or directly to the SafeTracks Emergency Centre through 2-Way, Hands Free Voice Technology. Our operators will assess the situation and respond accordingly with Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Combining these technologies with an Inclusion/ Exclusion Geo-Fence allows emergency contacts to be notified when a user exits, or enters these Geo-Fence areas. Ideal for work alone applications, Victims of Violence, or anyone that wants to add an extra layer of security to their life.

Optional Docking/Charging Station Sold Separately.

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Prime Mobile Smart Watch
Personal GPS Tracking

For the elderly, disabled or lone worker. High Performance and High Sensitivity 4G Prime Mobile Smart Watch Emergency Location Device. As an added layer of support, through two-way hands free voice technology and an integrated one-touch SOS button you are instantly connected if your loved one becomes lost, agitated and frustrated.

SOS: In case of emergency, the user can activate an SOS notice, sending an alert to your chosen device showing the user is in distress. Two-way communication with only relatives and friends.


If the user leaves the designated safe area, an alert will be sent to your desired device, alerting you to the potential danger.

HEART RATE MONITOR and personal tracker in one convenient smart watch.

SafeTracks BlueBeacon
GPS Geo-fence Device


The SafeTracks BlueBeacon is a battery-operated, self-contained device intended for use with current and future generations of the SafeTracks Prime Mobile GPS Locators.

Easy to self-install.

Prime Mobile Smart Watch.png
COMING SOON - green-01.png

Seamless Connectivity
Beyond Cell Coverage

Powered by Zoleo

ZOLEO takes advantage of cellular and Wi-Fi when it is available, and transmits over the Iridium satellite network when it isn’t. You enjoy a truly seamless global messaging experience that simply isn’t available using other satellite communicators.

Iridium Offers Coverage Where Cellular Doesn’t. ZOLEO devices operate on the world’s largest and most advanced commercial satellite constellation, Iridium. Only Iridium offers coverage everywhere on the planet, including: Earth's landmasses, oceans, skies and Polar Regions. With Iridium, there are absolutely no coverage gaps.

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