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The Prime Mobile Beacon is a small and powerful Multi-Purpose Tracker, the unique design ensures that the tracker can be used for Pets, Bicycles/ Valuables and People. It is completely portable, and has a quick installation. Equipped with Bluetooth for indoor tracking. The coin-sized sensor enables care recipients and caregivers to stay connected, whether at home or at an away location such as a mall, restaurant, park or other favorite location where GPS is not as effective. If a care recipient wanders, caregivers receive an instant text message. Great solution for apartments or other shared or assisted living environments.

For Home – Small, unobtrusive sensor has an adhesive back to easily attach to a wall of piece of furniture.

For Away – Simply put the coin-sized sensor into a caregiver’s safe pocket, billfold, wallet, or other travel accessory to stay connected at home and locations away from home.

Prime Mobile Beacon

    • 4G/LTE
    • IPX7 Waterproof
    • 2-way Hands-free Voice
    • Simple SOS Alarm Button
    • Email and SMS Notification
    • Extended Battery Life
    • Electronic Geo-Fence
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