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Elderly, Dementia, Alzheimer's,
& Autism/Spectrum Disorder

Technology that Cares: Life With Intervention

SafeTracks Provides Safety & Independence with Prime Mobile R4


When adapting to the new lifestyle changes due to life’s complications such as Autism, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, time is crucial to both patients and caregivers. New challenges and risks continue to appear, posing threats to once-simple tasks. In the early stages of these, once-routine activities become a source of loss, confusion and added anxiety.

Among the many risks associated with Alzheimer’s and Dementia
patients, wandering poses the greatest thought to an independent life.

Keeping your loved ones connected through GPS monitoring, the SafeTracks suite of GPS products and solutions is designed to monitor your loved one’s position with up to the minute location updates, bread-crumb tracking and SOS button.

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SafeTracks Prime Mobile Smart Watch and Beacon


While there is no sure-fire way to prevent wandering during the Key Features progression of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Autism, SafeTracks gives you a revolutionary wearable technology to keep your loved ones connected to you when it matters most.

Geo-Fencing allows your loved one to continue to navigate freely in the designated areas of their home or neighborhood. An alert will be sent to loved ones if they leave the perimeter.

Quickly determine the location on the monitoring application, which provides an accurate bird’s eye view of your loved one. This allows the family to quickly secure the Wanderer before any injuries or worse.

Quality of Life is Empowered!

Two-way hands-free voice technology and an integrated one-touch SOS button instantly connects you if your loved one becomes lost, agitated, or frustrated.

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3 Levels of Monitoring:




Mild Impairment Monitoring

At this stage, we have simple monitoring available to maintain independence and watch for signs of progression safely.

Moderate Monitoring

When there is a fear of falling or injury, monitoring devices can be used to watch for accidents and ensure loved ones are safe and still independent.

Assisted Living Monitoring

When regular wandering is a concern, and in-depth monitoring is needed, wearable devices are available, with geo-fencing and other ways to add another layer of safety.

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