Senior Safety & Independence

Danger never sets an appointment. Being proactive about senior safety ensures you won’t become a target, as you continue to live your active senior lifestyle. SafeTracks™ state of the art technology gives you an added layer of protection and greater confidence to live life on your terms, inside and out of your home.

With the power of GPS Personal Monitoring Devices, you put senior safety in the palm of your hands.

By simply pushing the SOS button on SafeTracks™ Prime Mobile™ device, you are instantly connected to the SafeTracks™ Emergency Center 24/7. Through 2-way, hands free voice technology, you are able to engage with trained operators that will assist you as you walk to your car alone at night or find yourself vulnerable in a dangerous situation.

“Having access to help at any moment is so comforting. It has enabled me to live with my own independence longer than I could have imagined!” - Linda R.

Operators will continue to stay on the line and help to assess any situation, and respond accordingly with local police, fire or ambulance. With access to your GPS location and the provided notes in your profile, operators will be able to give further details to authorities and loved ones. They will only hang up, when you provide your password.

If you are in danger, the integrated SOS button also has the ability to notify emergency contacts. This technology improves the quality of life of our aging loved ones.

Most notably, through this GPS technology, your loved ones will also be able to monitor your location through the breadcrumb tracking and up to the minute location updates. In the case of an emergency, your loved one can connect with you through the Prime Mobile™ device, find your location, and acquiring help as soon as possible.

In addition to the Safe Track Emergency Center and the 2-way hands free voice technology, SOS button, other features Prime Mobile™ includes:

• Electric Geo-Fences
• Breadcrumb tracking
• Up to the minute location updates
• Cellular Technology
• Email and SMS notification for loved ones
• SafeTracks™ Login
• Up to 72 hours of battery life

The Theoracare Wristwatch is the latest in design and technology for this application. In addition to a touchless answering feature, Theoracare has all the latest features: ​

  • Stylish, lightweight design that people love to wear

  • Quik Connect touchless answering on the wearable enables you to talk instantly with loved ones, no button pushing required

  • Easy to locate SOS button on wearable connects directly to primary family caregiver

  • Safe Zones provide automatic text notifications to the primary family caregiver if a loved one should wander, with GPS tracking for up-to-date location information

  • Create a connected family, as more trusted caregivers can download the free app

  • Easy to read, selectable analog, digital and date/time watch faces

  • Pedometer for counting daily activity

  • Lockable clasp available

Hero with new watchface.png

With this peace of mind, when it comes to your safety, you are able to live more confidently with today’s threats by being connected and in control at the touch of a button.