Dementia and Alzheimers 

When adapting to the new lifestyle changes of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, time is crucial to both patients and caregivers. New challenges and risks continue to appear, posing threats to once simple tasks. In the early stages of Dementia, once routine activities become a source of loss, confusion and added anxiety.

Among the many risks associated with Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, wandering poses the greatest thought to an independent life.

Keeping your loved ones connected through GPS monitoring, the Theoracare wristwatch is engineered to monitor your loved one’s position with up to the minute location updates, bread-crumb tracking and SOS button.

Lee Williams’ father has early-onset Dementia and was referred to SafeTracks™ through a social worker. Like many afflicted with Dementia, Lee’s father has lost the ability to do most daily activities and walking his dog was the biggest part of his day. But venturing out into the neighborhood he has called home for 35 years, quickly became a source of anxiousness as he continued to find himself lost.

“The locator watch is terrific, sparring the family worry and allowing him this freedom for a while longer” Lee Williams said.
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In addition to the location tracking, you are able to set up Geo-Fencing allowing your loved one’s safe limited boundaries to continue to navigate freely in the designated areas of their home or neighborhood. To further keep you updated, a text message alerts you if patients step outside the perimeter.

You have the ability to quickly determine their location status on the TrackNow™ monitoring application, which provides an accurate birds eye view of the area. Combined with breadcrumb tracking, you are able to see the route they took to get there.

As an added layer of support, through two-way hands free voice technology and an integrated one-touch SOS button you are instantly connected if your loved one becomes lost, agitated and frustrated.

Among the benefits to geo-fencing and the SOS button, other features of the SafeTracks™ Theoracare wristwatch include:

  • Touchless answering feature

  • Stylish, lightweight design that people love to wear

  • Quik Connect touchless answering on the wearable enables you to talk instantly with loved ones, no button pushing required

  • Easy to locate SOS button on wearable connects directly to primary family caregiver

  • Safe Zones provide automatic text notifications to the primary family caregiver if a loved one should wander, with GPS tracking for up-to-date location information

  • Create a connected family, as more trusted caregivers can download the free app

  • Easy to read, selectable analog, digital and date/time watch faces

  • Pedometer for counting daily activity

  • Lockable clasp available


While there is no sure-fire way to prevent wandering, SafeTracks™ gives you revolutionary technology in the palm of your loved ones hands to keep them connected when it matters most.